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The Live Utopia Experience

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No long form recounting this time; here is my Travis Scott experience summarized in some bullet points.

  • It took Travis an hour and 15 minutes to get on stage. For some god forsaken reason, he was posting on his Instagram story while we were waiting.
  • We really need to give DJ Chase B his flowers for his phenomenal DJ and hypeman work for Travis.
    • Chase B stalled for Travis while we were waiting for him to get on stage; he played some tracks to get the crowd fired up.
  • Stage design was nice. Jumbotron graphics were also nice.
  • I saved myself from more permanent ear damage with earplugs. It brought down the audio level from “ear-shattering loud” to just “loud”. A must-have for future concerts.
  • However, I took the earplugs out for the main events: MELTDOWN and FEIN. Minor ear damage is acceptable for those songs.
    • He played FEIN 5 times. I thought he would play it 8 times.
  • Nightcrawler was played. Not until the main chorus unfortunately, but the beginning of the song was more than enough. My favourite song of the night.
  • Wishing that beibs in the trap was played, with a NAV appearance. Or maybe Drake pulling up. Neither happened.
    • And it should have happened, because Travis brought out Kanye at the Orlando concert.
  • I splurged on a tour t-shirt. Reason: “No regrets + I can make back the money on co-op” (I did).
  • Voice was only dead for one day. The plastic bottles weren’t turned away by security this time, and I definitely drank a fair share of water.

I think I raged pretty hard; will not forget the feeling of going absolutely crazy to Travis’ greatest songs. Shoutout to my brother for getting me the tickets for Christmas.

Nightcrawler, featuring my screams.