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Nathan Kong

Nathan Kong

Waterloo Electrical Engineering ‘28

After listening to music (maybe a little too seriously) for 4 years, I’ve formed thoughts and opinions that I feel ready to share with the world. So, I created this blog to dump those thoughts and opinions somewhere.

Aside from listening to music, I design keyboards, play collegiate e-sports, and love cooking. Learn more about me below!

About me


EDM set/mix collection
A collection of my favourite EDM sets and mixes.
Current bangers
My current top songs.
Rap and hip-hop collection
A collection of my favourite rap songs.
The Live Utopia Experience
·314 words·2 mins
A quick rundown of my experience at the Travis Scott concert.
The 1A Experience
·1787 words·9 mins
Taking a look back at 1A, my first term of university.
Summer 2023 release ranking
·991 words·5 mins
Ranking every girl group/soloist release from summer 2023.